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Service Change Bulletin D2709 - March 23, 2018

Fuels and Lubricants Service Bulletins

Effective today, Paragon has discontinued offering ASTM D2709 on highly volatile petroleum products such as gasolines. We will continue to offer ASTM D2709 on middle distillates such as diesel fuels and other petroleum products within the scope of the method as published. We will also continue to offer ASTM D1796 for testing higher viscosity petroleum products such as oils.

ASTM D2709 is the “Standard Test Method for Water and Sediment in Middle Distillate Fuels by Centrifuge”. The test provides a combined water and sediment result, reported to 0.01 % by volume when detected, and reported as < 0.01 % by volume when not detected.

This action has been taken as part of Paragon’s continuous improvement efforts, in this case emphasizing conformity assurance and workplace safety.

Several ASTM specifications for gasoline products refer to workmanship characteristics that can typically be provided using ASTM D4176, “Standard Test Method for Free Water and Particulate Contamination in Distillate Fuels (Visual Inspection Procedures).” Paragon offers both Procedures 1 and 2 of this method.

Procedure 1 provides a “Pass”/”Fail” test outcome, resulting from visual evaluations of whether the sample has:

  • a “Clear & Bright” appearance,
  • any “Free Water” present,
  • and any “Particulates” present.

Procedure 2 provides a numerical Haze Rating result from 1 to 6 and includes any unusual observations. In addition to the above results, the test temperature is reported.

As an alternative to ASTM D4176, if quantitative results are needed for water and particulate contamination in gasolines, Paragon offers ASTM E203, “Standard Test Method for Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration”, and a modified ASTM D5452 procedure for determining particulate by vacuum filtration using either 0.8 μm or 1.2 μm pore size membrane filters.

Using the ASTM E203 procedure, Paragon provides a “Water” result at or above 0.005 % m/m to the nearest 0.001 % m/m (50 ppm m/m to the nearest 10 ppm m/m).

Using the modified ASTM D5452 procedure, Paragon provides a “Particulate Contamination” result at or above 0.01 mg/L to the nearest 0.01 mg/L.

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