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Discharge Monitoring Report Quality Assurance (DMR-QA) 40 Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)

The DMR-QA study covers all major and some minor permit holders under the Clean Water Act’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  If required to participate, permit holders should have received the DMR-QA 40 Announcement from the USEPA around the beginning of May 2020.  The DMR-QA 40 timeline is later than usual this year.  A summary of some essential information, as it relates to you and your relationship with Paragon, is provided below.

USEPA's DMR-QA Study Program Site and Current Study 40 Notification:

DMR-QA Study 40 Informational Packet containing Announcement Letter (dated April 28, 2020):

DMR-QA Study 40 Dates to Remember (refer to full schedule on packet page 1):
      March 20, 2020:            DMR-QA Study 40 BEGINS 
      May 29, 2020:                Recipient Permittees to:
      Test                                   (1)  Submit address verification to DMR-QA Coordinator
      Test                                   (2)  Submit Analyte Checklists on packet pages 12-13 to Paragon, indicating contracted testing;
      Test                                          Note that Paragon's EPA Lab Code is MI01187. 
      September 18, 2020:    DMR-QA Study 40 ENDS 
      November 20, 2020:     Permittee to Submit DMR-QA 40 Results to DMR-QA Coordinator
      January 15, 2021:          Permittee to Submit corrective action reports and retest results to DMR-QA Coordinator, if applicable 

Proficiency Testing Studies in which Paragon will Participate:
      --ERA's DMRWet-40     3/20/2020  thru   9/18/2020 Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) parameters 
      --ERA's WP-305             6/8/2020    thru   7/23/2020 Chemistry and Microbiology parameters 
      --ERA's WP-306             7/13/2020  thru   8/27/2020 Select Chemistry parameters  

Paragon Contact:
      Maggie Snyder
      Account Coordinator
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