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Dalapon Testing Services

Dalapon is a synthetic organic compound controlled in drinking water under the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. Dalapon is used primarily as a herbicide to control grasses in a variety of crops, as well as in non-crop applications including lawns, drainage ditches, and industrial areas.

Dalapon chronic exposures have the potential to promote increase kidney-to-body weight from long-term exposures above the MCL.

Dalapon is often referred to by other names, including: 2,2-dichloropropionsaeure natrium; Dowpon; 2,2-DPA, gramevin; propionic acid, 2,2-dichloro-; radapon; and unipon.

Paragon is capable of testing for Dalapon in drinking water by:

CAS Number 75-99-0
Molecular Formula C3H4Cl2O2
Molar Mass 142.97 g mol
Density 1.4014 g/cm3
Melting Point 166.5 °C
Boiling Point 185-190 °C