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COVID-19 Operational Status Update as of March 16, 2020

Customers, Vendors, and Guests:

As the world reacts to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and pandemic, we are writing with an update on our operational status.

The work we do for our clients, especially the testing of drinking water for consumption and wastewater for treatment, is significant to maintaining the public health of our communities.

With that, it is important that we minimize the exposure risk to our team members to ensure we can play our vital role in serving our communities.

That being said, we recognize that we must be out in the community collecting and transporting samples and that our doors must remain open.

In brief, we will be trying to find the balance between interacting with our customers, vendors, and guests while still
minimizing our exposure risk.

We are currently fully open for business serving existing and new customers. And, it is our intention to stay open
throughout the entirety of this pandemic period.

To that end, we are doing all the things all other businesses are doing (hand hygiene, disinfecting surfaces, creating social distance, etc.). You've read it all before so I won't restate those things here. Instead, this email is to serve as a notice of changes we are making in how we interact with our customers, vendors, and guests.

What is different?

  1. Please Call Ahead - Call ahead with bottle order and sample deliveries to ensure that the transactions can be
    conducted in a quick fashion limiting your time on-site and time interacting with our team members. Call your Account Coordinator or 734.462.3900 and select Option 1.
  2. Please Be Prepared - When sampling or transportation is being conducted by our staff, please be prepared to ensure that the transactions can be conducted in a quick fashion for the reasons listed above. Our Drivers and Field Technicians will not be able to wait on-site for more than a few minutes for samples to be prepared, collected, or packaged. Your understanding is appreciated if we need to reschedule the event because it cannot be completed quickly. Additional charges may apply if an event is rescheduled.
  3. Chain-of-Custody - For any transaction, if the exchange of paperwork including the chain-of-custody can be done electronically, this method is encouraged. Taking a photo or scan of documents with your cell phone and emailing it to our team members is preferred.
  4. Gloves - Our team members will be wearing new gloves even for simple transactions like the receipt of coolers and outer packaging. Additionally, customers will be encouraged to 'Glove-Up' for transactions.
  5. Travel - If you or your team members have travelled internationally or domestically in the past 14 days, please consider sending your samples by common carrier, or select an alternate team member to deliver samples to our
  6. Non-Contact Transactions - We encourage the use of non-contact transactions with samples and documents being left in bins and/or on the shelf at the Drop-Off point outside our front door. If you select to use the Drop-Off point, call
    your Account Coordinator or 734.462.3900 and select Option 1.
  7. Meeting Alternatives - Until further notice, we will not be hosting on-site meetings with customers, vendors, or guests. Alternatives available are teleconference meetings including FaceTime and Google Hangouts. We will continue to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and the pandemic and will maintain best practices as outlined by the CDC and MDHHS to keep our team members healthy. As such, additional guidance for Customer, Vendor, and Guest
    interactions may be updated in accordance with best practices as the situation evolves. Thank you for your consideration and support of these measures. We look forward to continuing to serve existing and new customers during the entire pandemic period and rely on your assistance to accomplish this goal!

John Parmentier

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