Petroleum Testing Services

Commercial Propane According to ASTM D1835-20

Paragon is capable of performing most of the analysis related to the testing of Commercial Propane according to ASTM D1835-20 Table 1 requirements.

Procedures included on our A2LA Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 are designated as such.


ASTM D1835-20 Table 1 Requirements for Commercial Propane, Approved May 1, 2020

Service Method Reference Min. Sample Vol. Price ISO 17025
Vapor Pressure, Calculated ASTM D2598 CYL $27.00
Heavier Hydrocarbon Contaminants: Butane and Heavier ASTM D2163 CYL $353.00
Residual Matter ASTM D2158 CYL $159.00
Density, Calculated (included with Vapor Pressure) ASTM D2598 CYL ---
Corrosion, Copper Strip ASTM D1838 CYL $321.00
Sulfur ASTM D6667 CYL $248.00
Hydrogen Sulfide  ASTM D2420 CYL Call for Pricing
Moisture Content ASTM D2713 CYL $355.00
Total   CYL $1,463.00  


Pricing Current as of 01/01/24. For procedures designated with a  symbol, Paragon subcontracts samples to accredited laboratories, when available. Prices for subcontracted procedures are subject to change without notice.

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