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Centrality 2.0 - Paragon Laboratories


Centrality 2.0 is a program we introduced in December, 2011. The program intends to expose participating staff members to a variety of resources to cause a shift and expansion in how the world occurs for them. Although participants have experienced many personal benefits from taking on the program, there are numerous organizational benefits as well, including:

  • Staff that are more engaged in their work
  • Staff that are more receptive to being accountable for their work
  • Staff that communicate at a higher level in their work environment
  • Staff that have a greater sense of community and teamwork with their co-workers
  • Staff that self-regulate negative behaviors like gossip
  • Staff that aren’t reliant on management level staff to resolve interpersonal issues with co-workers
  • Organizational growth without the need for a proportional level of additional management level staff members
  • Refocus of management level resources from staff management to topic/process/system management


Staff members that choose to participate in the program must complete all of the initial requirements of the program and uphold all of the maintenance requirements of the program annually thereafter. By doing so, they receive the distinction of being Centrality graduates and a $4,000 annual participation election on top of their salary.

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