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At Paragon, hiring talented individuals to work together on focused teams is instrumental to our success. In this pursuit, we have identified four types of teams that exist in our organization.

  • Role Based Teams are collections of individuals brought together based on the type of daily work they perform.
  • Specialist Teams are collections of individuals that are working towards, or have mastered, a particular type of work.
  • Educational Teams are collections of individuals in pursuit of knowledge, experience, and self-awareness in both specific topic areas and across topics.
  • Contributory Teams are collections of individuals dedicated to organization wide initiatives that impact people and communities.

Participation on teams occurs in a variety of ways, from performing your daily work to being invited to join a team to applying for and achieving team membership. There are differences in what our teams focus their energy on, how they are structured, and the pathways they explore to achieving their success. Regardless, the team dynamic is powerful and rewarding. We encourage you to dig deeper through the graphic below to discover what is available to you and the organization through joining a team at Paragon!

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