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Mission Statement + Core Values

In defining our Mission Statement, we looked to answer two essential questions. Why do we do the work we do? Why do we work the way we do? From that context, FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS was born.

In this, we are using 'health' in the broadest sense possible including providing data for protecting human health, providing data to ensure healthy environments for generations to come, and providing data for businesses to make healthy financial and operational decisions, etc. For us, 'health' answers the question of why we do the work we do.

As for why we work the way we work, it is all about 'happiness'. In who we are being with everyone we work with (customers, vendors, staff, etc.), we have an opportunity to contribute to their experience of life and we strive to contribute to their happiness each time.

By committing to our core values, we can collectively achieve our mission with a sense of pride.

Our service is more than just data, it is data delivered in a certain way that influences the quality of life for many.


For Health and Happiness



1. Create Customer Loyalty


2. Build Lasting Relationships


3. Embrace Growth and Change


4. Promote Open and Honest Communication


5. Learn from Others; Share with Others


6. Compete with Possibility


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