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TWENTY$TWENTY - Creating a brighter future

TWENTY$TWENTY is a goal we introduced to our staff in October, 2012. The intention is to transform our relationship to performance and to create:

  • Twenty percent revenue growth each year
  • Twenty percent profitability each year (EBITDA)

These are, to say the least, big goals. Some may even say that these goals could be achieved only if all of the stars were to become aligned. We are, however, well on our way to achieving them.

In 2013, we finished the year with a 7.86% increase in revenues over 2012 and 13% profitability (EBITDA).

In 2014, we finished the year with a 12.11% increase in revenues over 2013. Profitability for 2014 is still being calculated but should exceed 13%.

Since we announced this goal, we have grown our business and improved our profitablity. Further, we have accelerated our rate of growth.

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