About Paragon Laboratories

GCxGC TOFMS Testing Services

As the only contract laboratory in the country providing services utilizing the Pegasus 4D GCxGC TOFMS system from LECO Corporation, Paragon is uniquely positioned to assist you with your most demanding analytical challenges. With the ability to detect hundreds to thousands more compounds than with conventional GC, the data generated with multi-dimensional GC paired with TOFMS will give you greater insight into the composition of your sample materials. Configured with the Gerstel MPS2 autosampler, our sample introduction techniques include liquid, headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME).

Current Applications

Semivolatiles Analysis of Waters, Soils, and Sediments (EPA 8270, EPA 625)

Geosmin and MIB in Drinking Water by SM 6040D

SOP-A0250 - Amines in N-Methylpyrrolidone

SOP-A0252 - Anions in N-Methylpyrrolidone

Potential Applications

New applications will be brought on-line as interest is expressed by current and potential clients. For a sampling of potential applications, visit the Applications Library developed by LECO Corporation.

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